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Abigail lies in Act I when Reverend Parris confronts her after finding her and other girls dancing in the woods and practicing witchcraft with Tituba. There be no blush about my name. Unlike the other characters, she is not very complex and is clearly the villain of the play.

Her motivation is simple jealousy and her desire to be with John Proctor.

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She is an unmarried, orphan who watched as her parents were murdered by Indians. Therefore, she ranks low on the Puritan Salem social ladder, and the only people below her are the slaves and social outcasts. The witch trials, in which the girls are allowed to act as though they have a direct connection to God, empower the previously powerless Abigail.

Once shunned and scorned by the respectable townsfolk, Abigail now finds that she has authority, and she takes full advantage of it.

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Throughout the play many of the events, in some way or another, have to deal with Abigail or occur as a result of something that she did. She is the most memorable character of the play simply for that reason. Even when Abigail leaves town for the Barbados when her hopes of being with John Proctor are shattered, her previous actions still have tremendous effect on the lives of the accused. Although Abigail Williams is the cause of many problems, her influence in The Crucible is undeniable.

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Abigail Williams Throughout the play, Abigail Williams speaks using deceitful language in her constant quest for power. Good at deceiving others Violent Untrustworthy Leader Vengeful. Abigail is also really good at drawing attention away from herself because another time during a court hearing, when she was about to get proven a liar, she suddenly acted as if there was a demon in the room.

All of these instances do a great job of showing that she knows how to play the role of a villain, by making herself seem innocent. Abigail has some major strengths that help her in being a villain, and those strengths are compulsive lying, and extremely good manipulative skills.

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  6. Everyone knows that Mrs. She also was asked if she was the one conjuring spirits and she answered by putting the blame and Tituba and Ruth.

    You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor! Even though John is married to Elizabeth, she still wants John and is willing to do anything for it.

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    She also continues to fantasize about her relationship mainly fueled by lust with John Proctor. Or did I dream that? I saw your face when she put me out, and you loved me then and you do now. A soft word.

    All of her lies, sins, and vengeful feelings for Mrs. Proctor are consequential of her love and lust for John Proctor. Abigail Williams is a villain who is fueled by the motivations of lust for John Proctor, which brings out her manipulative strength and lying abilities.

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    All the things that Abigail Williams did during the crucible, caused harm, uproar, and eventually death for a lot of people. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:.

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