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The problem goes as follows: Start with a male and a female rabbit. After a month, they mature and produce a litter with another male and female rabbit. A month later, those rabbits reproduce and out comes — you guessed it — another male and female, who also can mate after a month. Ignore the wildly improbable biology here.

Everything in the Universe Is Made of Math – Including You

After a year, how many rabbits would you have? But after a few scant paragraphs on breeding rabbits, Leonardo of Pisa never mentioned the sequence again. In fact, it was mostly forgotten until the 19th century, when mathematicians worked out more about the sequence's mathematical properties. But what exactly is the significance of the Fibonacci sequence?

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Other than being a neat teaching tool, it shows up in a few places in nature. However, it's not some secret code that governs the architecture of the universe, Devlin said. It's true that the Fibonacci sequence is tightly connected to what's now known as the golden ratio which is not even a true ratio because it's an irrational number.

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Simply put, the ratio of the numbers in the sequence, as the sequence goes to infinity , approaches the golden ratio, which is 1. From there, mathematicians can calculate what's called the golden spiral, or a logarithmic spiral whose growth factor equals the golden ratio.

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The golden ratio does seem to capture some types of plant growth, Devlin said. For instance, the spiral arrangement of leaves or petals on some plants follows the golden ratio. Pinecones exhibit a golden spiral, as do the seeds in a sunflower, according to "Phyllotaxis: A Systemic Study in Plant Morphogenesis" Cambridge University Press, But there are just as many plants that do not follow this rule.


And perhaps the most famous example of all, the seashell known as the nautilus, does not in fact grow new cells according to the Fibonacci sequence, he said. When people start to draw connections to the human body, art and architecture, links to the Fibonacci sequence go from tenuous to downright fictional. I would spend hours, days, even months solving one.

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

For example, I spent two weeks teaching myself the computing program—Mathematica, because I was curious to see the accurate phase portraits after I learned the techniques that enabled me to sketch phase portraits in my Ordinary Differential Equation class. Nevertheless, sometimes I could not find any solution even though I had worked on it for a long time Good Essays words 3.

Before doing the readings I thought that being scientific and mathematic literal was to be able to solve math and science problems. My opinion changed drastically after reading each article and book on my reference list Good Essays words 4. It cannot be studied wholly and drop down on papers. Various great scientists have made a great contribution in the field of science.

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  • The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences!

But the main question that arises is the scientists studied each and every piece of the puzzle in detail or were they made a guess assumption about the topic. No one can give the perfect answer to this question. As a photographic plate is exposed to get an image, scientists expose themselves to work and they on the spur of the moment develop a new formula for atomic energy Good Essays words 2. Areas such as, physics, social sciences, management and computer science. But in computing, we need more of a particular branch of the so-called mathematics: discrete mathematics. Discrete mathematics has become popular thanks to their applications in computer science. Notations and concepts of discrete mathematics are used to study problems in algorithmic and programming Does that mean this it is impossible to have objective knowledge.

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As children we are immersed in our communities in which we are fed predisposed knowledge that has been passed down and developed within our communities or families for numerous generations. Not until we begin primary, or even secondary school do we start to formulate ideas and opinions of our own Perhaps his greatest achievements are within the realm of mathematics; with his greatest known theory being the Pythagorean Theorem. His theory is so well known that even today it peaks the interests of many mathematicians, with more than proofs being spawned off of his original theorem.

Though his theorem is common knowledge in this modern age, his life still remains a mystery to most, similar to most pre-Socratic philosophers These concepts that are outlined are the choice of and conversion between metric units,, utilising pi and solving perimeters of circles and solving problems using perimeter, area and circumference and finally, establishing and using formulae to solve perimeter and areas of squares, rectangles and triangles