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In such a case, the inadequate and inaccurate prior knowledge will tend to hinder learning. These strategies include;. I am very confident that we will all benefit from your contributions or experiences and will appreciate it if you could kindly share in this discussion.

Ambrose, S. Skip to main content. These strategies include; Talk to your colleagues. Consider talking to your colleagues who teach prerequisite courses that students are expected to complete. Furthermore, these essays were written to satisfy specific assignments from specific faculty members, and I have neither examined those assignments nor interviewed those faculty members.

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The setting may also skew the results because of institution type. How and what students in urban R1 universities integrate may differ from students in other types of institutions. The previous research on integrative learning and my awareness of it also constitutes a limitation for a grounded theory methodology. While I surfaced my awareness of various integrative learning research during my reading, coding, and writing processes, I had preconceptions. It seems fair to wonder if his work had not only an explicit but also a subliminal influence on my research.

Several of these limitations could be addressed by further study that examined different bodies of student writing. Several first-year writing programs e. An examination of those student writings could begin to clarify which elements of this research are common across multiple institutions. A similar study could be conducted using award-winning academic writing from upper-class students to examine if a developmental aspect to written demonstrations of integrative learning exists, especially since studies like Sommers and Saltz argue so convincingly that writing development is not limited to the first year and benefits from integration of personal and disciplinary knowledge.

Such a study might examine writing from students who had been previously published in Mercer Street or students in a variety of majors and fields. I imagine a study in which the composition artifacts of interviewees are examined and, conversely, the writers of award-winning essays are interviewed. In this way, a relationship could be explored between direct observations and self-reports, perhaps even shedding light on the mechanisms that lead to the what and how of integrative learning.

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Finally, this study could be used as a construct definition study. Integrative learning has not been adequately measured. A reliable and valid quantitative measure of integrative learning could open up any number of research avenues; most importantly, it could begin to examine which student experiences and characteristics influence integrative learning as an outcome. The student essays I examined were neither written nor published with the intent to demonstrate integrative learning, yet they provided rich evidence for typologies and an empirical definition.

Perhaps this is in fact because college is not necessarily a connected set of experiences.

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Perhaps students are drawn to make connections, apply learning, and synthesize the vast amounts of experiences and sources and facts they encounter in the first year of college. Faculty and staff could, in effect, play to this desire. The various methods discovered in this study could be explicitly taught to students, offered to them as means for accomplishing that most exciting of intellectual experiences: when disparate things come together in the mind.

His research focuses on integrative learning, writing, co-curricular initiatives like residential colleges, and theater. Skip to main content. AERA Open. Article Menu. Download PDF.

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Article first published online: July 11, ; Issue published: July 1, Ethan Youngerman New York University. Keywords integrative learning , integration of learning , grounded theory , synthesis , first year writing , rhetoric and composition , transfer of learning. Literature Review. Insights From Measures.

Insights From Composition. Site Selection. Sampling, Coding, and Saturation. Validity Procedures. Methodological Caveats.

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Table 1 Typology of What Students Integrate. View larger version. Table 2 Typology of How Students Integrate. Implications for Research. Implications for Practice. Further Study. View Abstract. Article available in: All Articles. American Educational Research Journal. Laura L.

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