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You can possibly live a calm and quiet life with no risk and leave no trace of yourself in history. But you can bravely go for your dream and achieve all you want. After all, every human is given great potential. You only need to keep trying to develop it.

Happiest Day of My Life Essay

This day cannot be repeated, but you can give life to your children that will adequately continue your path. You need to focus on the future, be active and do something and your aims will be closer and your children will say that their father did not live in vain. It is difficult to say what feelings and thoughts I had that day.

Nobody remembers their birth. But only one thing is for sure — the love of my parents and grandparents became everything to me. It granted my happiness and joy and protected me from troubles. I want my future children to live happy lives without troubles and have meaningful lifes.

To make this true, I need to send them on the right path. Most people work and strive for something for the sake of their children, as they will enjoy success or failures. You need to explain your children that if they want to achieve something, they should go to their goals.

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The love that you give to your children makes them stronger, and I am grateful to my parents, and my grandparents that they cared about me and gave me all the love. And, I want to give my future children care, love and understanding as well, so that they become good people that love family.

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