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Adding to my list of academic achievements, I have been involved in various activities.

An active NSS cadet, I was involved in a cause to remove a mobile tower that was located in the midst of a housing colony causing health hazard due to its harmful radiowaves and we also conducted an awareness campaign regarding the importance of education. In addition, we as a team we secured first place for best innovation at a gesture based robotics competition held during the winter training and internship at Chennai. After long hours of extensive research and clarifications with my seniors, I have decided to apply for the MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering in your esteemed University.

I am very confident that my aptitude coupled with my resolve to succeed will see me through the challenges and live to the expectations of the University. The renowned faculty and research facilities at your university showcase great promise and I look forward to benefit both academically and professionally in the chosen fields of my interest.

I strongly feel that the University of Houston is the right place to embark on an academic journey into the depths of Electrical Engineering and I would be thrilled to secure an admission in your University. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.


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Personal Statement for Electrical Engineering Essay -- education, major,

Having played for Manchester and Greater Manchester teams for a total of five of these years, I sought the position of Manchester netball coach for a group of U children. I found this experience extremely valuable and this encounter enabled me to develop my communication and leadership skills and, although, I am no longer the coach of this mixed team, I still enjoy watching them play and using the skills that I taught them.

Within school, I have participated in various activities, all very diverse. I was part of a Young Enterprise Scheme, completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, have been a member of the school choir and had Speech and Drama lessons for a total of five years. These experiences were all very rewarding and challenging and provided me with many happy memories.

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For five and half years, I have also helped run the school charity shop. I was able to interact with people of all different backgrounds and ages and raise a large amount of money for Francis House Children's hospice, a charity very dear to my heart, at the same time. I do feel that I am capable of accepting the challenge of a demanding university course and that I have the character and strength of personality to make a success of it, should I be fortunate enough to be offered a place. What would you like to say?

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Personal Statement - Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2

Friends, family and work. Student Surveys and Research. Undergraduate Full time Part time. Personal Statement - Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Personal Statement 2 At a time when technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, to aid this growth and to make a difference no matter how small has always been one of my greatest ambitions. Having been brought up with strong family values, I have been taught that further education would provide many opportunities for me to develop both as a person and as a member of society Having thoroughly enjoyed Mathematics and Physics throughout the course of my school years, I wished to find a course that combined these subjects and accommodated my specific needs; a course that would require an enquiring mind, the solving problems, the analysing and evaluating of data, manual dexterity and the ability to think logically.

In my opinion, Electrical and Electronic engineering fit this requirement Much of our daily life at home, school or work has been revolutionised over the past generation by the development of electronics. I found that the work was repetitive and techniques were simply copied from others — there was little room for innovation.

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Discouraged, I knew that I needed to find another direction where I could pursue my own creative development, so I returned to XX a research assistant in the Advanced Control and Simulation research laboratory. Using C language and Matlab, I worked on flight system simulations, automatic drive modeling and system identification, but as I studied and worked at XX, I realized that what I was learning was too limited and out of date.

I became even more determined to study abroad. My major is in the theory and applications of nonlinear control, which involves research into the ability to control systems while making them more human. With only four classes in graduate school, I have done a tremendous amount of outside reading in the field of nonlinear control.

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Furthermore, writing papers, reading books, and working as a teaching assistant have inspired me to pursue a career in academia. In addition to outside reading, I have also attended many conference and workshops where I have had the chance to listen and learn from many prominent scholars that has further motivated my research and study.

All of these events have only deepened my interest in system and control.

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I am working on my thesis in the field of the application of output regulation methods to altitude control and disturbance rejection of spacecraft. I have just passed my yearly oral presentation. Most papers in this field use adaptive methods to deal with uncertainties and gain global convergence, however, the adaptive method cannot guarantee asymptomatic disturbance rejection — at most, it can gain disturbance attenuation. I used output regulation theory to formulate the problem and then solved it with the associated method.

The global robust control problem with uncertainties could be solved in this way and I was able to achieve disturbance rejection the very first time. Although only my first paper, it may be published for the highest-ranking academic conference in the field of Control in China. The study of nonlinear systems has met with great difficulties, including the solvability of the global robust stabilization problem, global output regulation problems etc.