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Students may be recommended for academic disqualification if their grade point average falls below a 3.

A student may appeal a recommendation for academic disqualification to the program chair who will appoint a committee, which may include the chair, to review the recommendation, and if necessary, meet with the student. During their first year of doctoral study, students are assigned a faculty mentor. Exam, and at least once yearly thereafter. Students whose grade-point average falls below 3. Each year, students are required to submit an end of the year assessment, which is reviewed by the faculty at the last faculty meeting of the year.

Following the faculty meeting, the Director of Graduate Studies writes and sends a letter to each student indicating whether the student is making satisfactory or unsatisfactory degree progress. Students who are interested in working with a particular faculty member early in their careers may wish to approach that person during their first two years of graduate study. Since a joint appointment in COM LIT is a faculty personnel matter, faculty in other departments who are interested in formalizing their affiliation with the Department must consult with the Department Chair and Academic Personnel Officer.

Exam, Qualifying Exam, and Ph. One of these three faculty members must be the Director of Graduate Studies, and at least one other must be faculty in the Department of Comparative Literature. Students should then clarify the role that they expect this faculty person to play on the committee Will this faculty member be responsible for writing one or more exam questions? Would the faculty person serve on the committee as a general arbiter of the quality of scholarship produced? At minimum, faculty advisors should be in contact with their students once per quarter throughout the dissertation stage; however, more frequent contact is strongly encouraged.

Students who have yet to advance to doctoral candidacy must obtain approval from the committee and Department Chairs, as well as any faculty members who will be added to or removed from the committee. Students who are advanced to doctoral candidacy must obtain approval from all committee members and the Department Chair before the Graduate Division will review the requests. Students who hold TA appointments in the Department must meet the following minimum requirements for employment each quarter:.

Teaching Associate One academic year 3 academic year quarters or 2 semesters of UCLA TA experience or approved collegiate teaching experience at a comparable institution. Teaching Fellow Formally advanced to doctoral candidacy. The scales are updated annually. By exception, students who have advanced to doctoral candidacy may request approval to hold these titles for an additional 6 academic year quarters.

The Department may submit one request for up to one full academic year of additional teaching i. TAs must submit a written request for leave, including: short-term and long-term medical and family-related leave, pregnancy disability leave, and jury duty, to their faculty supervisor and the Student Affairs Officer as far in advance as possible. Upon request, TAs will be required to provide appropriate documentation. Absence without a written request for official leave may not be compensated. Substitute teaching: Provisions for substitute teaching for TAs on leave must be made in consultation with the Department.

Substitute teaching work is compensable and paid in accordance with the unit contract. For details regarding benefits associated with Academic Apprentice Personnel appointments, please review the Graduate Division Statement of Understanding. Fee remissions do not cover all graduate student fees.

Students are responsible for ensuring that the quarterly balance of fees is paid by the applicable deadline. Fees are subject to change at any time. Fee Deferrals: TAs, GSRs, Readers, and Tutors are eligible for fee deferrals for registration fees assessed during the quarter s during which they hold active appointments.

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Students are responsible for ensuring that fees are paid by the deferred payment deadline usually 2 months or 60 days after the standard quarterly due date. TAs who anticipate the need for a fee deferral must send a written request to the Student Affairs Officer. Note that fee deferrals cannot be reversed; if a student cancels enrollment after a fee deferral has been posted, the student will be liable for total cost of registration for that quarter. Students are required to submit an Authorization to Issue Advance Loan Check form to the Student Affairs Officer within the quarterly application period.

The loan is repaid through equal payroll deductions taken from the second and third paychecks of the quarter. Students must maintain a grade point average of 3. Academic Student Employees ASEs are required to register and enroll in at least 12 units for the duration of their appointments.

Fellowship recipients are required to enroll in at least 12 units, both before and after advancement to doctoral candidacy. Graduate students may request an official Leave of Absence LOA for outside employment, parental obligations, other family obligations, military service, medical or other emergency reasons, and financial hardship.

LOA is approved for a maximum of three quarters, although up to six quarters may be approved by exception. Students must have an established GPA of 3. Note that students on LOA are ineligible for graduate student support including fellowships, Federal student loans, and Academic Apprentice Personnel appointments. Full-time registered students who have an academic need to conduct research outside of California may apply for in-absentia registration.

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In order to qualify for in-absentia registration, students must be in good academic standing 3. Students may petition for up to one academic year three quarters of registration in-absentia, with the possibility of renewal for up to three additional quarters for a maximum of six quarters of registration in-absentia.

Students retain any University fellowship funding to which they are entitled and are eligible to hold GSR appointments while in-absentia; however, students may not be employed as TAs, Readers, or Tutors. Students are eligible for a maximum of three quarters 1 academic year of enrollment via ICX. Desks are reserved for Teaching Apprentices who are currently employed in the Department, but all Comparative Literature students are welcome to use the computers and the adjacent lounge.

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Food should not be left on any surface. The refrigerator should be cleaned weekly and old food should be discarded immediately. The microwave and coffee machine should also be cleaned regularly. Students may ask the Student Affairs Officer for cleaning supplies if none are available in the room. Mail is usually delivered and sorted by pm on regular business days.

All faculty and graduate student mailboxes are located in the Department main office Kaplan Hall. A photocopier with scanning capabilities is available for use in the Department main office. The Reading Room is only accessible to faculty and graduate students in these departments. The Reading Room is closed on all University Holidays, during the inter-quarter periods, and during the summer.

The librarian is Satik Andriassian, who can be contacted via email at sandriassian humnet. For computer-related questions or problems, please contact:. All students are assigned a Bruin Bill account that records all charges and payments associated with registration, housing, transportation, as well as other service charges e.

Fees are assessed monthly via BruinBill. Payment is due on the 20 th of the month following the posting date of the charge. If the 20 th falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date is the last business day prior to the 20 th. You will receive an automated e-Bill reminder to their officially designated email accounts each month. This card serves as a library card when activated at the UCLA Library , building access card, and can be used as a debit card for purchases on-campus and at select Westwood vendors.

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Students may obtain a BruinCard by bringing an unexpired government-issued photo identification i. For more details about BruinCard and its features, please visit www. BAR refunds include: scholarships, grants, fellowships, stipends, loans, and any non-payroll payments. Online enrollment is active immediately upon registration. Upon arrival in California, a student who is a U. Citizen and wishes to establish California residency for tuition purposes should formalize ties with the state as soon as possible i. Students who are eligible for California residency must apply for residency by the end of their first year.

Students who are U. The Department will not cover this cost under any circumstances.

Students should review the Petition for Residence Classification and begin gathering the requested documentation as soon as possible. Failure to follow all directions may result in rejection of the petition generally submitted in Spring or Summer for Fall. Students whose petition for residency is denied will be responsible for paying nonresident tuition. Contact the Residence Deputy at Murphy Hall residencedeputy registrar. Per University policy, only the Residence Deputy is authorized to apply and interpret policy on tuition residency. Key features include:.

All graduate students except for those in graduate professional schools interested in purchasing parking permits are required to apply for on-campus parking quarterly. Personalized parking options will display based on campus data class standing, housing status, graduate student major, etc. Parking offers will be prioritized according to class standing in the student database. Daily parking permits are also available for purchase at parking information booths found at various locations on campus cash or BruinCard only. Some on-campus lots also feature self-service parking pay stations for short-term or all-day parking.

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The Department has approximately seven spaces that are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The Department cannot guarantee parking for students who are not TAs.