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The children can write the essay in their school, which would forward it to Suhas's office, or even write at home. It's not difficult to make out, Suhas said, adding that such entries would be immediately rejected.

Within just a few days of launching the programme on February 1, we have seen up to 25 per cent reduction in dropouts. The officer's schedule for the day will be packed with the maximum possible visits and appointments for the child winner to see how a collector works.

Suhas had on January 15 taken 32 tribal students for a Metro ride in Kochi, around km to the south.

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The students also got to experience a boat ride and visits to a beach and the state's biggest mall. More such plans are in the pipeline, with a possible aeroplane ride from nearby Kozhikode to Kochi for the best performing tribal students next year. Irudaya Rajan, a professor with the Centre for Developmental Studies in Thiruvananthapuram, said the initiative was a model for an in-depth study.

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If successful, it can be replicated elsewhere in the country where dropout rates are high even among non-tribal students. Tamil Nadu leader M. Ramachandran had launched the midday meal scheme to ensure better attendance, Rajan said. Malvinder Singh arrested in Rs 2,crore Religare fraud.

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A lowdown on the suspected carcinogen found in Ranitidine pills. Thirdly, due to their low paying jobs high school dropouts are often not able to afford basic needs such access to medical services and other important services.

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This puts pressure on the government to use taxpayers money to provide assistance to ensure that all people have access to important services such as health and legal representation. Fourth, half of the population in US prisons are highschool dropouts. The cost of putting these people behind bars is high and is covered by the taxes paid by the segment of the population that chose to graduate from high school.

Finally, dropouts are less likely to vote during national elections. This implies that they do not take part in ensuring that responsible individuals are elected for important positions. In essence, they depend on the rest of the population to make the decision for them. The discussion basically reveals that high school dropouts present a segement of the population that puts undue pressure on the government and tax payers.

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This is because they are unable to contribute to the economy as they are expected. Furthermore, they force the rest of the population to carry their burden through government assistance with regard to access to important services such as health. Reducing the dropout rate should be an important consideration for policy makers as a way of relieving the economy from undue pressure caused by high school drop outs.

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