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The majority of the most elite schools, especially Ivy Leaguers like Harvard and Princeton, have yet to jump on the bandwagon, however.

Much more than documents.

Does this sound alarmist? Here's why: Some 20 percent of university students smoke. On big campuses like mine over 20, students , many of these make the university residences their home.

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At some late-night hour after my university implements its intended ban, a student will want to go out for a smoke. Later, the statistic in the newspaper may or may not mention why she was out there in the first place. Her bereaved parents may or may not have sufficient grounds to sue the university but if other parents even suspect that one of their children smoke, they would do well to send them to study somewhere without a draconian outdoor ban.

I find this, along with other aspects of the latest temperance movement, intensely depressing. I respect the new president at my university and think he does a good job in general rare praise from a faculty member, I know , so I sent him a letter outlining some of my concerns with a complete outdoor ban on smoking. Consequences of an outdoor ban on campus would include: 1 — Increased vehicle traffic.

If just half of these students who smoke have access to a car and use it to leave campus just once more a week for lunch or a break as a result of the ban , this equals two thousand extra car trips a week around the university. If students are forced off campus when they want to smoke, this will lead them to negotiate traffic on foot or by car. In the case of differently abled students and those with reduced mobility, pushing them off campus seems a particularly hard to justify and even cruel approach.

If avoidance strategies of people addicted to tobacco are half as strong as tobacco researchers say they are, student enrollment will suffer as a result of the complete outdoor smoking ban. Particularly students in the arts and international students from countries such as China, which have higher smoking rates, have many choices and may look elsewhere for their education.

Additionally, students who smoke will likely spend less time on campus and avail themselves less frequently of campus dining options — leading to a reduction in university revenues and a less vigorous student presence on campus. All these factors remain extremely difficult to measure, and anti-smoking activists who claim to have measured no impact from smoke-free campus policies elsewhere misrepresent the situation.

Judging from student comments many of us have already heard around campus, the complete outdoor smoking ban alienates many and breeds resentment toward an administration seen as having gone too far. Faculty in particular may find it frustrating to work so hard for student retention and morale only to see their efforts hampered in this regard. The implication that tobacco smoke poses a significant health risk to others outdoors is disingenuous. Instead of respecting our students and offering them a safe, liberal environment on campus, our university administrators feel cowed by the new political correctness of the latest temperance movement.

Call me old fashioned, but I think I actually prefer the image of a university with pipe-wielding, pontificating professors and arts students smoking and arguing politics by the campus fountain. In any case, the proportion of the campus community and population in general that smokes has been steadily declining since the s, without these draconian "smoke-free campus" bans.

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Admissions association says it must pull measures from ethics code to avoid Justice Department actio. Racial inequality, at college and in the workplace.

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Author explains ideas in new book on free speech on campus. People smoke for different reasons such as they want to produce a sense of being well, to boost their mood, and to improve short term concentration and memory. Until recently smoking was consider good thing, and there were many advertisements for smoking in newspaper, television, and other mass media. Smoking is major health risk, but still people give different reasons for smoking most of these justifications are not very reasonable.

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Smoking is mostly starts at young age because teenagers think that if they start smoking they will be considered as mature, but of course they are wrong and causing serious health risk for themselves. Smoking by many is way to relax, but it comes with greater health risk for damaging the brain. Smoking effects differ from a person to another person depending upon exposure to chemicals of the cigarette. Smoking is not only public health issue, but also it has great financial cost on the nations.

Until we stop smoking, more people will be addicted, more people will get sick, more families will be devastated by loss of loved ones, bring great damage to medical system of the nations. Harm of smoking on body of a person is enormous, and smoking should be ban from all public places. Smoking can easily make a body weak, and cause a slow and steady death. There many facts related to smoking and deaths, for instances in United States there were about , deaths by smoking, which is about one in five death every year.

It is also believed that each year more deaths happen due to smoking compared to combine the deaths by Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV , alcohol, suicides, illegal drugs, murder and vehicle injuries. Due to smoking ninety percent of all lung cancer in men is caused, and eighty percent of all lung cancer deaths in women. It is also estimated that deaths ninety percent of all deaths by chronic obstructive lung diseases are caused by smoking.

Human body is very vulnerable to harmful effects of smoking, and it can harm our heart, lungs, blood circulation, bones, stomach, mouth, eyes, skin, reproduction and fertility.

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Smoking effect on heart and lung in very serious manner, in case of heart nicotine raises blood pressure and blood gets clot easily. Carbon monoxide raids the blood of oxygen and causes development of cholesterol deposits in artery walls. In case of lungs smoking causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD which is group of disease that includes asthmatic bronchitis and emphysema. Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases COPD are well known as silent killer diseases.

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There is no cure for such type of diseases and almost fifteen percent of smokers develop chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases COPD. Harm to blood circulation start at by smoking, and veins and arteries get hard, narrow, and also get coated by fat deposits.

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This can then lead to problems such as cold skin, ulcer, cramps, pain and blockages in veins which can cause a stroke and heart attack. Smoking makes bones weak and breakable, and women need to be careful because they are more likely to suffer by osteoporosis than non-smokers. Smoking can harm stomach, eyes and skin.

Stomach damages can affect vital organs in the body, and increase the chance of stomach cancer. Worst thing which can be done by smoking is causing a permanent blindness. Smoking lessens the amount of oxygen for the skin. This can mean that skin start to age more quickly and making you look like dull and grey. Smoking effect on reproduction and fertility are very serious. Smoking can increase risk of feebleness, and can damage sperm by reducing sperm count and casing testicular cancer Team, Everybody knows the harm of smoking but nobody cares to stop it, this attitude towards smoking should be changed.

Smoking is vilest habit of about 1. It has no benefit for smoker and the society. Smoking impact on society is beyond health and illness.

Smoking regularly impacts the financial resources of smoker especially when people have limited resources. For instance in England economically poor households spend about 2. It is believed that economic burden of smoking exceeds one percent of European GDP. Society has to pay the cost of smoking by morbidity and mortality. Direct cost of smoking is related to health care and indirect cost is related to the loss of human capital due to premature deaths, productivity losses, and unpaid income taxes. In Australia smoking net social cost is between 2.