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Old-timey pirates are typically portrayed as stupid, unrefined thugs whose only interests involved plundering captured ships and forcing enemies to walk the plank.

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Blackbeard stole the ship from the French in , when it was being used as a slave ship the French had stolen the merchant ship from its original British owners in , when it was called the Concord. The dreaded pirate gave the vessel a new name, added 40 guns, and made it his flagship. Paper tends to deteriorate rapidly under water. As work progressed, it became clear that some of the fragments still contained traces of legible printed text. As noted, voyage narratives were a popular genre at the time, often inspiring both real and fictional voyages.

The discovery provides evidence of the kinds of books carried on ships in the early 18th century—pirate ships included.

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He may have read the book as entertainment, helping to pass away the long hours at sea. Blackbeard had a fearsome reputation, no doubt, but there was another side to him as well.

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Historian David M. Ullian of Amherst College explains :.

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