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Project Tiger was a wildlife conservation project - a project that tried to protect wildlife from being poached. Cyber crime - crimes done by computer - are very, very common in India. India has tried many things to decrease cyber crime.

Its goal was to decrease cyber crimes and start setting up laws to allow e-commerce where many ey could be exchanged electronically. But Duggal said the problem is that most cases are never reported because people do not know their rights under Indian law. In , India and United States joined together in an Indian-US cyber security forum as part of a counter-terrorism dialogue.

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They saw this as an important as part of counter-terrorism efforts. In , U. President George W. Afterward, they held a press conference together. They said that because cyber security and cyber forensic research like finding evidence in computers are so important, India and the United States were also talking about a draft protocol on cyber security.

India has state laws that make it illegal for police to torture people. But these laws are not often obeyed. Torture is often used when people are arrested or jailed by the police. This torture is a major cause of deaths in police custody. This false confession is then used to save important, rich people who have actually committed crimes. Union of India. In its decision, the Court ordered central and state governments to begin police reform.

The Court had two goals with its decision.

India's crime capital: Delhi sees most murders, rapes, abductions in 2016

The first was to give tenure to police officers, and to make it simpler for police officers to get hired or transfer to a different area. The second was to increase police accountability. In , seven policemen were charge-sheeted officially accused of having done a crime for police misconduct, and eleven were convicted.

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Criminals visit markets and other places that are popular with tourists , with the goal of committing crimes against foreigners people from other countries. Westerners have become victims of robbery , rape , and other violent attacks. Because foreigners often have more money than most people in India, they are often criminals' favorite target for robbery and other serious crimes. The group later kidnapped Damree and held him captive for 25 days. A few weeks later, two Spanish tourists were killed by robbers in the same state.

Many foreign tourists are victims of violent crime in Kolkata. Petty crime, like stealing people's wallets and bags, is common in India. Stealing valuable things from foreigners' luggage on trains and buses is also common. People traveling alone are especially likely to have their things stolen by pickpockets and purse snatchers, who usually work in crowded areas. In India, stealing tourists' passports from their luggage on trains and buses is very common. Criminals run many scams against tourists, especially in Jaipur , the capital of Rajasthan.

They tell the tourists that they can make a lot of money if they move gems or gold , or if they take expensive carpets back home in their luggage to avoid customs duties. If a tourist agrees, the scam continues for a few days. Then a new scam artist offers to show the tourist interesting places in the area. The scammers also offer cheap places to stay and meals to the tourist. They do this so that the tourist ends up being with the scam artist all the time. The scam artist is then threatened and may be hurt, until he gives up his passport to the scammers.

Taxi drivers also run scams in India. These scams are run on tourists who do not know their way around India or Indian airports. Some taxi drivers will drive tourists around the whole airport, so they can charge a lot of money for the ride, when the part of the airport that the tourist wants to go to was actually very close by.

There have been more and more rapes of tourists at popular tourist spots. The Indian state of Rajasthan is a popular place among foreign tourists. One out of every three tourists that go to India visit this state. Rajasthan has been rattled by rape cases of foreign tourists.

A report published by the National Crime Records Bureau compared crime rates from to The report found that: [39]. Delhi-based Moushumi Dutt said: "As a mother of a five-year old daughter I demand protection for women of all ages in this country and a tightening of laws for a safer tomorrow.

Fear of male attack inside and outside homes must be erased. To bring home the heinous nature of their crime, the government has also said that it will post the photos, names and addresses of convicted rapists on official websites. Death in Singapore of India rape victim. The Delhi government has set a committee for speeding up trials of sexual assault cases on women. Another committee has been appointed to examine the lapses that led to the recent incident in the city. While any reform or affirmative action is welcome according to analysts India's problem with rape has to do with deep rooted traditions of patriarchy, misogyny and repressive attitudes that prevail across classes.

The writer Rahul Roy in the blog Kafila explains, "Masculinities provide an ideological basis for impunity to be legitimised and practiced. And crime against women comes that much easier because to be truly masculine men have to carry both a fear and hatred of the feminine close to their heart. While the reasons for rape in villages and tribal areas are attributed to caste, honour, family wars and repressive attitudes, India's big cities are also grappling with more women entering the public space, thanks to education or jobs and the influx of migrants from villages who come seeking work.

The conflict of accepting women entering bars or dressing in non traditional Indian clothing, making independent choices, and refusing male attention are all seen as threats and provocation that need to be contained in big cities in India, says Asavari Singh, a gender and media studies professional.

Alongside protests following the gang rape of the medical student, the agitations have led to many public debates in the media and elsewhere about how the government and policy makers should stop crimes against women. However on the ground regressive notions and crimes continue to halt women from getting out of their homes and joining the work force. Activists argue that the rising number of women parliamentarians and the presence of many high profile women in India's political parties and public offices will remain only cosmetic if effective laws and mindsets are not altered to safeguard ordinary women.

Explore how your country voted on global issues since , as the world gears up for the 74th UN General Assembly. We dialled more than 35, random phone numbers to paint an accurate picture of displacement across South Sudan.

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Meet the man on a mission to take down Cambodia's timber tycoons and expose a rampant illegal cross-border trade. Toggle navigation. Crimes against women increase in India As anti-rape protests continue in Delhi, statistics paint a bleak and worsening picture of gender-based violence. Archaic laws Legal experts point out that many rapes go unreported.

Reforms needed The Indian government has appointed a three-member panel of legal experts to review the rape laws. India Singapore. Have your say. Give us feedback.