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Even worse from their perspective, the COS proved unable to provide a practical alternative. Some provincial societies, indeed, were forced to hire professional agents to meet their obligations. As a result, the COS made little headway in converting Britain to their vision of how relief should be distributed.

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What these two works make clear is that both Tocqueville in and the COS toward the end of the nineteenth century labored under the same delusion, that the crux of the Social Problem in Britain lay with the pauperized, not with the poor as a whole. Although the unemployed and casual laborers often sought relief, most did not do so on a long-term basis. The same might be said of the recipients of welfare in the United States and Great Britain today.

Taken together, Tocqueville and Humphreys reveal several of the most important lessons that can be learned from the study of nineteenth century pauperism. First, although there is always a danger that indiscriminate relief might de-moralize a few stray individuals, neither public nor private relief typically pauperizes the poor. Second, while private charity can be both effective and morally-elevating, it is rarely available in sufficient quantities to eliminate economic distress, even when the economy is buoyant.

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Third, when private resources fail, the state has a moral obligation to step in to aid the disabled, the sick, the aged, children, and the chronically unemployed. Finally, it is economic prosperity, not government welfare programs or private philanthropy, that has the ability to lift the bulk of the impoverished out of poverty.

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Haggard University of Virginia. The Victorian era was the epitome of extravagance of its time, and no other society could compare. However the Victorian era was not faultless.

A Social Morality Of The Victorian Age

While it was a prosperous time period, issues involving class, poverty, race, and gender still existed as they do with all societies. Some of these issues…. In my study during this course, I have noticed a pretty clear divide between the Medieval Era and the Victorian Era. The Medieval texts were often complex and exaggerated narratives. On the other hand, the Victorian texts were rather simplistic in nature.

Shattered nerves: doctors, patients, and depression in Victorian England. Essay review.

Personally, works that depict realistic situations have more credibility. Therefore, Victorian era works of literature serve as a more accurate representation of childhood as opposed to Medieval literature. To support this argument, I will refer…. The Romantic Period preceded the Victorian Period and served as a transition period between 20th-century literature. The salvaging of themes in classical literature and medieval literature were repurposed into the writings of the English Victorian Period.

The Victorian writers displayed well-established styles of writing from previous eras, while at the same time pushing original customs to new and interesting directions…. Gone was the Romantic period that focused on nature and being. Modernist began to write about the inner self and consciousness. Those who felt the traditional ways were ending believed that their forms of art, literature, and daily life were becoming outdated in an era of an emerging industrialized world.

The stability and quietude of Victorian civilization were rapidly becoming a thing of the past Rahn …. The lot of them was not entirely better off in appearance than the Frankenstein man who was now making his way gawking past us. The woman and her three children each wore big, cumbersome dresses common of the Victorian era.

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My first thought upon seeing them was utter terror as they inched closer. To know about Victorian women, you would have to know first what the Victorian Era was, right? During her reign as queen, which took place in the United Kingdom for nearly 64 years, it was a time of many changes and improvements within the U. These changes included political, scientific, industrial, military, and especially cultural alterations.

This all happened between May of …. As the Victorian era progressed new work became available, male skilled labors were resistant to changes of new technology or work patterns. This opened the door for female workers to enter the workforce. In addition, this opportunity took work away from male workers, due to cheaper female labor rates Hudson, , Para. Most women in the Victorian Age found work in the area of domestic service or in the textile and clothing industries. According to Professor Hudson, "domestic service of….

What did people in Victorian England do in their free time?

With the resources available then, they would play sports, pick up a book to read, or have play time. One thing that has carried through the centuries is athletics…. From elegant dresses to the scraps on their back, the people of the Victorian era were separated by their social differences. Standing at the top of the social ladder stood the aristocracy; those within the aristocracy could be distinguished by their elaborate, expensive clothing, manner and company.