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Eric Alterman, who writes on the news media regularly in The Nation magazine, has an interesting article in the current issue of The New Yorker on the decline of the newspaper: Out of Print: the Death and Life of the American Newspaper. Eric Alterman: Paul Newman had a generous spirit and kind heart that was matched only by his modesty and respect for others.

Eric Alterman kicks off his necessary though hardly compelling book What Liberal Media? The text Goodbye, Gutenberg? Eric Alterman tells something about the importance of newspapers.

Eric alterman newspapers

In the following part ill summarize this text. First he tells some people think that newspapers in printed form will never completely die. But then he says the newspaper. His angle is that the.

Alas the rest of the newspaper numbers would be even worse without News Corp—a more than 30 percent drop—all compared with a 5. To add insult to injury, perhaps the most significant investments these same corporations made were to line the pockets of their failed executives.

Eric alterman newspapers

Now does it surprise you that these same management geniuses have not been able to come up with any remotely promising avenues toward sustaining the business upon which democracy relies? The New York Times introduced an online paywall to support its journalism and surpassed even its own internally reported goal with nearly , people paying for digital subscriptions in just one year. But as encouraging as these numbers may be, they do not presage much for the industry at large. So what will the new news landscape mean politically?

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  • the vanishing newspaper eric alterman.
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Well, power loves a vacuum, as the saying goes, and the gap left by the reduction of newspapers where people used to get their information is being filled by companies that repurpose information found elsewhere—primarily Google, Facebook, and so forth. Five companies accounted for nearly 70 percent of all online ad revenue last year—remember, that was what was going to save newspapers—and by , we can expect Facebook to swallow up at least 20 percent of all digital display ads sold, assuming current trends continue.

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Still, many experts agree that the end of the print publications, whenever that may occur, will not mark the end of journalism. Rather, many say it will simply mark a new era of journalism in which readers get all of their information online. Already a subscriber? Sign in.

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You have misquoted me! In the book, I presented a chart showing the decline in the percent of adults who read a newspaper every day -- from to Extend that line with a straightedge, I said, and it would hit zero at In the same chapter, I report that the decline is not caused by readers giving up the habit but by 7-day-a-week readers dying and being replaced by younger cohorts of people who never acquire that daily habit.

So if the line were a prediction which it isn't , it would So when will the last newspaper be printed on an actual press?

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Maybe they can make a sustainable business out of people who read less often than daily.