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No thanks, I don't need a scholarship because I'm not a student. Past winner Name Samantha M. John Rollin Ridge. Sarah Winnemucca. Critical Approaches to Native American Literature. Teaching Indian Literature. New Native American Fiction.

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Indians in AngloAmerican Literature to Paula Gunn Allen. Michael Anthony Dorris. Hanay Geiogamah. Lance David Henson. A Critical Orientation. George Copway. Mourning Dove. Samson Occom. Dream Songs. In his writing, Apess rejects the stereotyping of Indians and he does this by documenting his own accomplishments related to the activities that white society values. Ahead of his time, Apess advocated a balance between accepting Christianity and retaining pride in ones Indian identity. After the publication of his autobiography, Apess became more militant, helping to organize the Mashpee Revolt of , to help the Mashpee regain lost freedoms.

Cherokee Phoenix George Copway , Ojibwe wrote another important autobiography of the 19th century called The Life, History, and Travels of Kah-ge-ga- gahbowh, written in The choice to become a Christian seems to be an easy choice for Copeway. He believed it was necessary for the Native American to convert if he wanted to stay alive.

And like Schoolcraft, he was thought of highly by his white contemporaries such as James Fenimore Cooper and Washington Irving. However, his own people shunned him. Unlike Copway and Apess, Hawk did not even speak English.

Protest Literature Early Native American literature was preoccupied with trying to change the political and social status of their people. Boudinot was able to purchase a printing press and begin printing the first Native American newspaper written in the syllabary created by the Cherokee Sequoyah. The U.

Native Americans in Early American Literature

Some of the Cherokee wanted to fight removal, while others, like Boudinot championed for the Cherokee to accept relocation. This caused a violent division within the tribe and Boudinot became a target because he was vocal about accepting relocation when writing in his newspaper. Rival factions killed Boudinot, while Sequoyah had his fingers cut off, but his life was spared. Historically, Cherokee jewelry symbolically expresses the experiences from this period.

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Boudinot writes, "There is, in Indian history, something very melancholy, and which seems to establish a mournful precedent for the future events of the few sons of the forest, now scattered over this vast continent. We have seen every where the poor aborigines melt away before the white population. I merely state the fact, without at all referring to the cause.

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We have seen, I say, one family after another, one tribe after another, nation after nation, pass away; until only a few solitary creatures are left to tell the sad story of extinction. Shall this precedent be followed? I ask you, shall red men live, or shall they be swept from the earth? With you and this public at large, the decision chiefly rests.

Must they perish? Must they all, like the unfortunate Creeks, victims of the unchristian policy of certain persons, go down in sorrow to their grave? They hang upon your mercy as to a garment. Will you push them from you, or will you save them? Let humanity answer.

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Versions appeared as books, were serialized in periodicals, and were translated into foreign languages. Adaptations appeared in verse, and at least one motion picture was based on Ridge's story. Ridge, whose Cherokee name was Yellow Bird, wrote poetry which deals with nature and the poet's reaction to the natural environment.