In 1798 the essay on the principle of population was published by

T. Robert Malthus: The Principle of Population Explained

From his findings, Malthus purported the demise of. He said human beings are far better at making babies than they are at finding food for survival. His entire essay is based on these two assumptions. And second, that the passion. In An Essay on the Principle of Population, published in the late 18th century, Malthus expressed many controversial predictions. At first I will provide a short biographical note on Malthus and I will also mention his main achievements.

Thomas Malthus on Population

Then, a summary of Malthus' main ideas of the first two chapters of mentioned work follows. Afterward, the essay concludes with a personal note. A short biography Thomas Robert Malthus was born in course textbook, n.

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He was mainly concerned with population growth and poverty in the English society of his time. It was an answer to the precarious human situation back then. Malthus …show more content….

This also puts a limit on the amount of procreation possible, but however, all species strive to surpass these limitations Malthus, p. In this aspect, human beings are not any different from plants or animals, but in contrast to them they do not only act out of instinct. Additionally, they use their reasoning to determine whether they will be able to care sufficiently for their children Malthus, p.

Malthus states that there are certain checks on population and points out that there is no society without any check applied. An unchecked population increases in a geometrical ratio, what means that it doubles itself every twenty-five years. Instead, the available food does not increase geometrically, but gradually diminishes, because of the limited amount of fertile land.

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In contrast to the population, the agricultural production, under favourable circumstances, is able to only increase in an arithmetical ratio Malthus, p. A gap between population growth and the amount of food available rises. As a result, to further increase the food supply, it is necessary to improve the quality of the soil Malthus, p. Malthus points out that there is still land which is not cultivated, even in Europe, and that especially in this region it is possible to enhance the soil quality due to the progress of the industrialization, but it will be gradually diminishing Malthus, p.

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Read More. Popular Essays. Thomas Malthus's An Essay on the Principles of Population proposed one of the most important economic core beliefs that we hold true even today: the Iron Law of Wages, which states that when population rises and subsequently so does workforce, wages decrease.

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  • Likewise, the opposite holds true: when population decreases, wages will increase for the remaining workers. This economic phenomenon Malthus observed in The Principles of Population has proven true over hundreds of years both before and after he wrote it.

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    For example, during the medieval Black Plague, when thousands of peasants died and lords were unable to staff their fields, wages and privileges increased for the serfs who survived. As well, in the same book, Malthus also delved into another theory of population where he predicted that population would double every 25 years, but agricultural growth would remain stagnant, meaning mankind would not be able to produce enough food to maintain this swollen populace size.

    He advocated for controlling births to prevent this bleak outcome.

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    Although first published in , An Essay on the Principle of Population is recognized as an extremely seminal work, influencing economic decisions even today.