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Even military got rules saying no cable news could show or no newspaper could print the dead bodies of soldiers coming home wrapped in flags. No one wants to face it, not just the family members of the brave souls. Would it have a great impact if printed or broadcasted? Definitely it would.

That is exactly what happened when they printed the images of the woman who died after her fall from fire escape. I would not even have to read the caption on the papers if I already knew that she was dead after her fall. These images are so intense, they remind absolute death. Like the bodies forming a pyramid in Abu Gharib prison. I lost sleep over the images thinking what it would be like to be in that pile. The enormous negative response around the country that Ephron is talking about in her essay proves the power of photojournalism.

Editors did not even consider not printing, the issue was how to print them and what to say on the paper. Death happens everyday. It is a fact of life. We just do not see it like in these photos. The descriptions are very strong. You can almost close your eyes listen to someone reading these descriptive parts and still get the feel of the situation strongly.

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I could not help but took little breaks from reading to look at the photos as I was trying to digest what she was saying and how my brain and emotions was capturing the description. As we read deeper into the essay, logos kick in. Ephron got strong, supported claims in her essay.

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She persuades her claims with solid statements and actions form the editors of the newspapers, uses examples of how controversial photos wire down Associated Press and not being used, using examples of accident photos. She had plenty of evidence and support for supporting her claims. As far as credibility, she is a well known writer with great work.

Much more than documents.

It really matters to hear stories from credible sources. Today it got out of control and sources are all around and hard to narrow the flow of information.

I read the essay more than few times and got the feeling that she is very credible because she supports her claims with great detail and order. I looked her up online also Google background check J to read about her previously released works. My research made some difference on my thoughts about how credible Ephron might be. The parts in the essay that I was looking suspicious was a lot more clearer for me also.

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Ephron assumes that the response around the country was enormous and mostly negative. She supports her assumption with the hundreds of letters that were printed in letters to the editor sections. I cannot agree with her on negativity. There would be people who agree with the photos to be printed but still felt the impact deeply.

This does not necessarily generate a negative response as Ephron assumed form the letters printed. Some people may be have not even bothered to respond in a positive way.

Censorship in Nora Ephron’s The Boston Photographs Essay

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EXP Photographer Stanley Forman captured the process of a woman and a child as they fell from the fire escape of a burning building. The four images showed the fall, step-by-step, while the fireman managed to grab hold of a ladder that was positioned over the fire escape.