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OCR English Literature - A Streetcar Named Desire: Context

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Streetcar Named Desire Essay

We're here to help. Characters in A Streetcar Named Desire are accurate representations of the social historical context of that time. The power struggle between Stanley and Blanche conveys dominant ideas about gender such as the primitive nature, aggression, and brutality of men and the vulnerability and physicality of women. This immediately associates Stanley with brutality, foreshadowing his violence and cruelty in the play.

Although Stanley is empowered by his gender, he feels threatened when approached by Blanche, who is of higher class than him.

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As the play progresses the struggle for power between the two becomes increasingly obvious. At first, Blanche appears victorious in the struggle.

The physical proof of the tragedies in her past stop Stanley from arguing. Here all of them are, all papers! I herby endow you with them! Segregation between men and women is clearly defined during the poker night in scene three.

A Streetcar Named Desire Essays

Stella and Blanche are excluded from this form of masculine boding, and their early return causes chaos in the house. His violent outbursts are desperate attempts to exert his dominance. She is abused during poker night, a moment of masculine bonding. This enforces the dominant belief that women are unable to support themselves, emotionally and financially.

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Similar to Stanley, Blanche also faces a power struggle. Stanley cannot deal with her mocking him in his own home and is fed up with her lies. During the final scenes his behavior conveys the male dominant ideas of cruelty and brutality. Stanley violates Blanche in the most personal way and initiates the ultimate act of cruelty and abuse of power. His final act of brutality acts as the climax of power struggle between Stanley and Blanche as well as all males and females.

This leaves the male empowered and the female lowered and completely destroyed.