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Over the past couple of years, the Government of India has brought about a paradigm shift in approach to disaster management. The new approach proceeds from the conviction that develop cannot be sustainable unless disaster mitigation is built into the development process. Another stone of the approach is that mitigation has to be multi-disciplinary spanning across all sectors.

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The new policy also emanates from the belief that investments in mitigation are much cost effective than expenditure on relief and rehabilitation. The steps being taken by the Government emanate from the approach outlined above. The app: has been translated into a National Disaster Framework [a roadmap] covering institutional mechanic; disaster prevention strategy, early warning system, disaster mitigation, preparedness and response human resource development. It also requires thorough research.

Disaster Management Essay in 100 Words

It needs a bit more attention check our site if you need help with a natural disaster essay. This is going to be a narrative essay. Disasters can affect hundreds, thousands, and sometimes even millions.

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And not in the best way. Disasters usually strike unexpectedly. Even if people are aware of them and take some preventive measures. By bringing up the topic of natural disasters, you can also explain how to cope with them.

Need of better disaster management system

The same with man-made calamities. Getting ready for a disaster is one of the phases of disaster management. And you can talk about it in disaster management papers. We'll tell you about what you should include in your essay. After all, content plays an immensely important role in this type of paper.

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We'll also list all the different kinds of disasters you can use for your topic. Both natural and man-made ones.

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  7. So, there's also a section describing disaster management. And the possible preventive measures to avoid catastrophe. It will also be helpful for those who became victims of a disaster and need help. Or, at least, know where to ask for assistance in case something bad happens. We're not going to waste your time telling you how important it is to prepare your paper beforehand.

    And how you'll benefit from knowing what to include in your essay before starting to write.

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    Everyone can still use a little reminder. Start with some general facts. A natural disaster definition would be a good beginning. Tell about various types of disasters, too.

    Natural Disasters: Essay on Natural Disaster Management

    You can also provide information about a national disaster of your choice. Tell about countries that suffer from it more frequently than others do. Like India, Japan, etc. Provide specific details about the catastrophe you've decided to describe.

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    The locations where it can happen, causes of natural disasters, and more. You can also tell about various effects this particular disaster can have. Both on the environment and in people's lives. There are also all sorts of aspects you can discuss. Worldwide statistics data will be of incredible use in this part of your essay. You can compare the disaster in question with other ones of the same type. Talk about the effects and damages caused by those disasters.

    Include how people dealt with the aftermath. Provide a couple of examples to prove your point. And what types of disaster management are available. In this part of your essay on disaster management, you will have to tell about the phases that the process includes. They are:. Do you want to make your disaster management essay more informative and impressive?

    Then tell about various organizations that deal with managing disasters. You can also tell about national organizations and agencies. Its purpose is to take required measures in case natural or man-made disasters occur. No matter how long your paper is— words, words, or a thousand. You can tell about the lessons that catastrophic events you've described teach us, as human beings.

    Thinking about consequences is of particular importance. Especially if we talk about man-made disasters. The fact that they happen acts as a form of proof.

    Proof that people make a significant impact on the environment. And that impact is sometimes far from good. Apply Now. UPES University. Pearl Academy. Nursing M. Nursing Private B. Teaching D. Tags Disaster Management. Importance of Newspaper in Our Daily Life Essay for Students and Kids - Importance of Newspaper The newspaper is the printing media in which all information of the national and international level news are printed.

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