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In keeping with the public nature of their relationship, Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie Pitt sold the photographs of their wedding day to People and Hello! In keeping with their habit of giving to charity, the couple contributed the payment to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.


Aniston filed for divorce from the actor in March That summer a spread appeared in the large-format glossy magazine W. Pitt, Ms. Jolie and five boys all of them models who somewhat resembled Mr. Pitt, in a chic, early s setting. Jolie Pitt, told a different story.

Asked about the process of directing her husband, Ms. As a veteran reporter from the Bosnian war, I went into the screening room a cynic, and emerged wondering how a woman who was 17 at the time of the war, and who admits she knew nothing about it at the time, could put her finger so clearly on such a complicated conflict.

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When I met Jolie some time later, shortly before the release of her film, I was equally amazed at her knowledge of the region, and the care she had put into acquiring skills to direct an entirely Bosnian cast, some of whom did not speak English. She had studied and read books on the Balkans like a diligent schoolgirl, taken notes, enrolled in a course in humanitarian law. She cast the actors to perfection: from the young, cheeky and tragic soldiers, the defenders of Sarajevo, to the leading lady who opens the film as a young woman and ends it scarred and emotionally battered by war — and her Serb lover.

Most important to me was the background of Sarajevo, a city that means so much to me.

She knew in some ways she was taking on an impossible task and she wanted to be prepared. Jolie was a traveler who put on a backpack and took a torch and rain gear, who drove on bumpy roads like the rest of us. She listened to people in the same way — with empathy and compassion — as Audrey Hepburn did in her role at the United Nations decades before. She wanted to show how war came home to families — to women, to children. But for a small group of us who reported the war and remained loyal to the country that once was Bosnia, they were important: the black war humor; the longing for cigarettes and fresh fruit; even the love story at its core.

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Yes, love. Because as anyone who has lived through war knows, love and war are interlinked on a primitive level, even if one does not want to admit it. Adrenaline, emotions, fear, death, attraction, longing, sadness, love, sorrow, the need to connect with another human being — they all go in the same basket. And somehow, Jolie — who was born and raised in Los Angeles and could have had a career never setting foot in African refugee camps or interviewing women who had been raped in war — got it.

A group of U.

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Her Bosnian cast, who were at first shocked to hear that Lara Croft was coming to direct a film about Bosnia, adored her with a fierce loyalty. Not content with conquering the big screen, her work in recent years with the United Nations has elevated her into a global role model. Hide Caption. Family priorities — The actor seamlessly juggles motherhood and her role as a highly-acclaimed Hollywood superstar.

With her partner, actor Brad Pitt, she takes care of six children while flying around the globe, making films and continuing her humanitarian efforts.

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Family priorities — Here the proud mother holds daughter Zahara as partner Brad Pitt carries son Maddox during a stroll on the seafront promenade at the historic Gateway of India outside their hotel in Mumbai on November 12, Impressive humanitarian work — Jolie has undertaken over 40 trips to conflict zones around the world, and last April she was named UN Special Envoy for refugees. In addition to the numerous visits to refugee camps, like the Shousha camp in Tunisia pictured , the humanitarian has also launched several organizations which provide aid in education and healthcare for refugees.

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  8. Jolie said, on her second visit to the region in three months, civilians inside the country are being targeted. Hollywood's leading lady — In , Jolie won the best supporting actress Oscar for her role in "Girl, Interrupted.

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    5. Behind the camera — Jolie's career has gone from actress to producer to director. She was supported at the film's premiere in Paris pictured by partner, Brad Pitt. Influential diplomatic personality — Jolie has become an influential diplomatic personality, meeting with world leaders through her work with the UN. Story highlights Angelina Jolie has demonstrated courage going public about her mastectomy The actress chose to undergo preventative surgery In recent years she has become increasingly well known for her humanitarian work.