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I enjoyed a swim in the clear water. The part where you access the lake is straight into deep water and therefore you must be a competent swimmer. It may not be the easiest place to swim if you have small children, but they do have a few inflatables and rings to hire. On Pulau Beras Basan we were given time by our skipper to wander the beach and swim in the water here. This tiny island had a remote, castaway feel and there was a small shack on the sand offering a few snorkels for hire but otherwise no facilities.

With no shops or beach bars with bean bags and music, there is not much else to do but enjoy the sand and the water. Not an arduous task of course, but remember to take your swimming gear on the island hopping tour otherwise you will be left wishing you had brought it with you.

Langkawi Malaysia Island Trip: Must Visit Langkawi Attractions [Small Girl Big World]

You cannot have a tour of Langkawi — or the waters that surround the island at least — without seeing some eagles. Eagles are synonymous with Langkawi and this area. I believe the skipper lowered a bucket full of fish scraps into the water to encourage them to fly over.

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This is a bit disappointing in my opinion as it encourages the eagles to appear and creates a reliance on this kind of feeding. However, I suppose these are fully wild eagles so there is no guarantee that they would show up if they chose not to on that particular day. It was a remarkable spectacle to witness and I only wish I had a camera that was up to the job of photographing such a fast movement. You have several options for how to get to Langkawi island. Firstly, you can choose to fly to Langkawi. Flights to the island are frequent and cheap from Kuala Lumpur airport.

The flight is short and only takes an hour. From the airport I waited for a shared taxi service, which you join with other people and the driver decides the route dropping people off around the island. This worked perfectly for me as it keeps the costs down. There are also taxis that you can take privately, or you can arrange a pick-up from your accommodation. The taxi rank is easy to spot outside the front of the small Langkawi airport terminal, and there were staff there to help direct people to waiting taxis.

You purchase your ticket at a counter inside before you get into the taxi so the cost is pre-arranged and there is no need to haggle with the driver. The second option to get to Langkawi from Malaysia or visa versa is to take a ferry.

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The ferry terminal is in Kuah, the main town on the island of Langkawi. The ferry terminal is an organised place; your bags are scanned by x-ray machines, you wait in a departure lounge and are given a seat number for the ferry. Check out Langkawi Ferry Services for more information, or you can choose to book via your accommodation or ticket reps in any main area of the island. The island is sheltered from storms by Malaysia on one side and Sumatra on the other, so visitors can enjoy the tropical weather and calm seas all year round. The best time to visit Langakwi are between the months of November and April when the temperature ranges between 30 and 35 degrees C during the day.

Sunny afternoons give way to cloudy afternoons with light rain. Night time temperatures fall to around 28 degrees C. During the monsoon season between September and October, Langkawi is not adversely affected due to its sheltered position, so although there is heavy rainfall the seas remain quite calm.

Visitors still head to Langkawi at this time of year to enjoy shopping and spa treatments. There are no shortage of places to stay in Langkawi and there is certainly an option to suit every budget. On my day tours I saw other guests dropped off at the luxurious resorts where prices can start at around xxx. As a solo backpacker, I chose to keep my costs lower and settled for shared dorm accommodation. I was given a towel, there were security lockers to store your valuables and the bathroom was clean.

There was fast Wifi — good enough for a Skype chat — and the manager was friendly and happily chatted with me whenever I hung out in the reception area. Admittedly not the height of luxury, but for xxx a night, a good choice to lay your head in the heart of Cenang. I was spoiled for choice at meal times when all I had to do was walk up and down the main street and take my pick from the wide range of cuisine on offer.

There is no shortage of places to eat along the main hub of activity centred around Cenang Beach. Here you can stroll the main street and find a restaurant to suit every taste and budget. There are plenty of delicious sea food restaurants, plus Indian and traditional Malay cuisine too. Have I inspired you to visit Langkawi?

Have you been here before and want to share your favourite part about this island? Let me know whether you have any questions by leaving a comment.


Love it? Pin it! Image below is half sized. For a full sized image, click the Pin It button on my floating social media share menu. Beautiful photos! I was so close to going to Langkawi last year for holiday but ended up going to Thailand instead. As soon as we arrive at the foot mount, we head to the counter directly to buy the cable car tickets.

The ticket price for the cable car ride in Langkawi is RM30 for adult and RM20 for children below age The view from the summit is absolutely fantastic, with chilling weather, i am sure everyone who come here will enjoy. On the way up, we also get the chance to see the famous Seven Wells Waterfall. After the exciting cable car ride, we pay a visit to the Oriental Village that is located just within walking distance to the cable car station.

Setting marketing objectives, confirm target markets, use marketing strategies to develop a marketing plan for Langkawi is the focal point of this article. Comprising a group of islands, the biggest one is Langkawi, it is a place for those seeking tranquility and refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life. The area is about square kilometers.

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The main island spans about 25 kilometers from north to south. Two-thirds of island covered forests, hills and natural vegetation. Langkawi Island is richly blessed with a heritage of fabulous myths and legends. As a natural paradise, this island perhaps is incomparable anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

The country beauty of the island makes itself a compelling attraction.

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Langkawi, a drooping part of Malaysia, attracted no tourists until In , there are 1. Most of the development is in the main town of Kuah and in isolated beach resorts around the coast. The airport is located on this island as well hotel resorts, restaurants and shops. Dotted along the northern coast are the more luxurious resorts. With the only intention to promote tourism, the island was granted a tax-free status. Government has come up with special developments to promote the tourism industry in Langkawi.

Tourists are also requested not to bring any cars or other vehicles to go to this island, so it can save this city far from pollution and then make it as a green tourist destination.

Interesting places in langkawi essay

The Northern Corridor Economic Region development program is a Malaysia Government initiative to promote the economic growth in the north of Peninsular Malaysia. In the folk custom aspects, the entertainment service development in Langkawi is not a patch on Phuket Island, the rich of history and culture is not as good as Bali Island, but it has abundant natural and geological beauty, simplicity and peaceful country life, leisurely and comfortable tourism atmosphere, it can be developed as an ecological, geological and leisure tourism island. That makes Langkawi not only have a unique style with neighboring famous islands, but also an intellectual tourism trend for satisfy tourists yearning at present.

Langkawi is surrounded with many legends that could be used in the marketing of the island. In addition to the natural and social resources, Langkawi has many other resources that could be developed into visitor attractions such as rubber fields, factories, fishing villages and the Hindu temples.

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Marketing objectives Langkawi is a potential island for coastal tourism. With the development of the economy and coastal tourism in the context of the global is developing quickly, coastal tourism development of real estate has become an important component. In order to develop coastal tourism reasonable, the marketing plan should be suitable for langkawi. To protect natural resource in order to obtain sustainable development.

To improve entertainment facilities in langkawi. To create a theme park for eco-tourism. Promote Langkawi as an international tourist destination. The island has an abundance of potential, especially in eco-tourism.