Reasons for doing literature review

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Literature Reviews: Common Errors Made When Conducting a Literature Review

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The Importance of Literature Review in Research Writing | Owlcation

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Doing a Literature Review 1. Abd Karim Alias 2. The importance of literature reviewStrategies in doing a literature reviewManaging the literatureDeciphering making sense of the literaturePutting together the literatureDiscussion and conclusion 4. Abd Karim Alias 5.

What is a literature review?

A review of past studies can inform your choice of method. Abd Karim Alias 7. Abd Karim Alias 8. Abd Karim Alias 9. Abd Karim Alias [akarim usm. Before starting your research, ask the following 3 questions: The questions I wish to answer are worthy of research? Before starting your research, ask the following questions: Do I know my stuff sufficiently?

What is literature? What is literature review? Literature is about telling a story…kind of a chain story where each writer starts with a partial story created previously by others and expand on it…the existing literature is the story so far… Abd Karim Alias [akarim usm. The production ofnew knowledge is fundamentallydependent on past knowledge.

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Four main reasons for reviewing the lit:The necessity and rationale of yourstudy — Does it make sense? Whyit is important? How it isdifferent? How it is novel? Is itjustifiable? Beyond the scope of my research! Four main reasons for reviewing the lit Focuses on previous research2.

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The necessity and rationale of your study4. Set boundaries of your study Abd Karim Alias [akarim usm. Other reasons for reviewing the lit: Any other roles or uses for literature review that you have identified? A review outlines the direction of research on a question and shows the development of knowledge. A good review places a research project in a context and demonstrates its relevance by making connections to a body of knowledge. A review pulls together and synthesizes different results.

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  4. A good review points out areas where prior studies agree, where they disagree, and where major questions remain. It collects what is known up to a point in time and indicates the direction for future research.

    Why Do We Review Literature?

    A review tells what others have found so that a researcher can benefit from the efforts of others. A good review identifies blind alleys and suggests hypotheses for replication. It divulges procedures, techniques, and research designs worth copying so that a researcher can better focus hypotheses and gain new insights.

    Review of Related Literature As soon as you have chosen a topic for your thesis, you should look for a theory linking your topic to an available body of. Review of Related Literature By Dr. Literature Review Why conduct a literature Review? Where do I find the research literature? Importance of citations.

    5 Reasons the Literature Review is Crucial to Your Paper

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