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Medical biochemistry. The aim of this study was to processing, and analyzing the results of extraction of chemical compounds to fresh, boiled and dried pokea shell that can be applied in analyzing antioxidant activity and testing cytotoxic activity. This study This study consists of Extracting the components in the shell according to the polarity level so that the unknown bioactive component can be extracted optimally on one of the solvents used, performing analysis of rendemen, to know the percentage of body parts of pokea shells that can be used, conducting proximate analysis, to determine the water content, ash content, fat content, and protein content.

The result of t-test analysis to the essential amino acid content of fresh and boiled pokea meat, only lysin is significantly different. While the content of nonessential amino acids, glutamic acid, serine, glycine, and cysteine are significantly different.

Keywords: Pokea shells, bioactive component, glycoprotein, amino acids. However, pre-analytical phase is primarily responsible for errors. Hence, it is of precise importance for the laboratory to study error Hence, it is of precise importance for the laboratory to study error occurrence rates during the testing cycle and implement a quality improvement plan to release an accurate result. During period of 11 months, samples were monitored for major preanalytical problems at the receiving counter of the Central Clinical Laboratory.

Among all preanalytic laboratory errors, Assessment considering the departments showed that emergency unit had the highest error rates hemolysis: Based on these observations, major preanalytic errors are of great concern and needs corrective approach via proper educational programs to related personals. If this area is ignored, that can lead to negative patient outcome. However, a better specimen quality and patient satisfaction are achieved with the high quality personal-based education regarding pre-analytical errors.

Background: The modern life styles of the individuals pose to get risk of cardiorespiratory diseases and disabilities. The yogic practice like pranayama can be the solution to overcome the situation by significantly reducing the risk of The yogic practice like pranayama can be the solution to overcome the situation by significantly reducing the risk of developing cardiorespiratory diseases and eventually to reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality Objectives: To see the significant effects of pranayamas on cardiorespiratory variables among healthy individuals.

Materials and methods: The healthy individuals willing to participate in present study were screened for cardio-respiratory parameters and subjected to practice of pranayamas, after successful training of pranayamas, again cardiorespiratory variables were evaluated.

Results: A total of students were screened for Cardio-respiratory parameters and there was significant reduction in Pulse Rate, Systolic blood pressure, Diastolic blood pressure, and Respiratory rate. ABSTRACT Oxidative stress has been proved in the patho -genesis of diabetes mellitus DM and diabetic retinopathy DR not only by the reactive oxygen species ROS but also due to non-enzymatic protein glycosylation, auto-oxidation of glucose, impaired glutathione metabolism, alteration in the antioxidants and advanced oxidative protein product formation.

The current study was undertaken to establish the rela tionship between iron, copper and antioxidants like re -duced glutathione GSH , total thiols, and advanced oxida -tion protein products AOPP as well as total protein and albu min. All the parameters were measured using spectro photometric methods. The levels of thiols showed a very highly significant decrease in DR and DM as compared to normal subjects.

There was no change in the level of albumin. A significant increase in the levels of iron was observed in DR when compared to DM and control. Our study indicates a possible increase in the copper and iron-mediated generation of ROS thereby leading to increased consum ption of antioxidants in the body. Reactive oxygen species can induce carcinogenesis via injury to macromolecules such as DNA, carbohydrates and proteins. Forty primary gastric carcinoma patients and 40 healthy controls were included in the study.

The findings suggest that gastric carcinoma is associated with oxygen derived free radicals accumulation, and depletion of total antioxidant activity has lead to oxidative stress and advancement of oxidative-antioxidative disorders followed by progression of gastric cancer. SummaryBackground: Oxidative stress in patients with end-stage renal disease ESRD is associated with long-term cardiovascular complications.

The cytosolic family of glutathione S-transferases GSTs is involved in the detoxication of The cytosolic family of glutathione S-transferases GSTs is involved in the detoxication of various toxic compounds and antioxidant protection. Protein thiol and carbonyl groups as markers of protein oxidative damage were determined spectrophotometrically.

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Conversion of amino acids to specialized products. PODII- cancer genetics. Introduction: Moringa oleifera and Camellia sinensis are edible plants widely distributed in parts of South East of Nigeria. Both are used as a beverage and medicinal plant in the treatment of several ailments by alternative medical Both are used as a beverage and medicinal plant in the treatment of several ailments by alternative medical practitioners. The in vitro antioxidant properties of both Moringa oleifera and Camelia sinensis leaves were investigated in the current study.

Method: Phytochemical analysis was carried out to evaluate the flavonoids and total phenolic contents of the plants crude extracts.

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Also, reducing power ability and nitric oxide scavenging activity of the plants were also determined in order to ascertain their antioxidant capacities to eliminate free radicals, and attenuate oxidative stress. Results: Both plant samples demonstrated antioxidant properties. The samples were rich in flavonoid The plant samples also showed nitric oxide scavenging and reducing power ability. Camelia sinensis appears to be a better antioxidant plant.

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Conclusion: Moringa oleifera and Camelia sinensis contains substantial amount of antioxidant substances which could warrant their utilization in alternative medicine. However, further research works are needed to properly ascertain and harness these bioactive agents present in the plants.

Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, Gregory J. Maryssa Beasley Publication Date Web : October 14, Eunju Nam Publication Date Web : October 11, Danielle V.

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